The Country


The Train started to leave for another land, heaviness weighed upon my chest while I swept my surroundings, burning images into my mind. Fresh memories of individuals whom I connected with in the former land flashed before me. My heart ached with a familiar sorrow I experienced many times. I prayed I never forget them. The Conductor led me to them, but for a season, and now He is leading me towards new faces.

During the season in the former land, the Train made several stops. People stepped on to travel with me. I became close to some while others stood afar off. Initially, I had difficulty communicating for their language was different. I tried to learn, but thought it fruitless because I knew the Train would leave this land soon. Instead, the Conductor brought me people with the same language as me into my compartment. One of whom became closer to me than the others. That is, until the Conductor informed her last stop. She stepped out.

Sure, there were individuals who stepped out of my Train, but when she walked out, she stepped upon the Country of eternity. The Country where the Conductor have not told me to alight yet.

She left swiftly that I barely noticed her departure. I realised she left when her presence is not present in my compartment. My mind paused. I was speechless. Emotions trickled in and I held them at bay, afraid of losing control. I gave in, and they overflowed me.

Grief. I have experienced it many times, but not like this. The words that leaked from my fingers into stories dried up.

The Conductor’s Words solaced me. Peace filled my mind and I smiled at Him. I spake to her empty seat,

“Until we meet again.” Indeed. I have said this to a few, but my grief for them was short.

Sadly, for some others, farewell is forever.

“But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.”

Hebrews 11:16 KJV


Clarissa Choo is a vessel used for Christ’s glory. Although she’d lived in four countries, Heaven is her only Home. She desires to sow His seeds and to serve third culture kids, teens, and writers. Peek into her Christian TCK Email Ministry or read more posts.

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